Investment Opportunities

We have an ambitious goal to grow our brands across the region and influence the development of health, fitness and wellness in Saudi Arabia. Find out how you can become a part of our vision and join us on this journey.

What Makes Us Special

What makes us special

Reputation: Our growth is mainly linked with our market reputation and the positive image of our group in the market.

Value: We Provide high-quality products and services to all customers to ensure the value they paid for.

Listed: Al Hayat Investments Co. is a registered company that has a high prestige in the government, especially with the military.

Owners: All our investors have a very good influence in the Saudi market, and it positively reflects on our business.

Consultancy: We do it for most of the key accounts in the Saudi market and all of them share their successful experiences with us.

Relations: We build our strategy to control the market and get more shares through relations with most Saudi investors.

Strong history... Promising future

With a well-established investment track-record, Al Hayat Investments Co. benefits from a distinguished roster of expertise and years of experience in delivering sustainable and attractive returns to shareholders and investment partners.

By investing in key growth sectors, the company is a contributor to the ongoing development of the MENA region’s future economic diversification plans.

Strong history promissing future


We are always on the lookout for new attractive investment opportunities that help us reach our goals and objectives.


Our trading operations tend to the needs of the market by employing both B2B and B2C models.


We plan to start investing in manufacturing to better manage our processes and to improve procurement of raw materials and utilization of resources.


We work as consultants on our clients’ projects. Whether just starting out or already established, we provide consultancy services to clients to help them set the right foot forward.


Our skill in operating in a differentiated and agile manner has been set by our established systems and allows us to deliver solutions more efficiently.


No one can deny that the current retail environment is a lot tougher and the future less predictable than in the recent past.

It is more important than ever for us to ensure that our online and physical stores are performing optimally, which means adopting practices and technologies designed to achieve operational excellence and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage through the optimization of retail operations.

This requires being consistently better than the competition in organizing, optimizing, and integrating.


The concept of a spa as a way to make you a healthier and more relaxed person is far from new. It goes all the way back to ancient times.

Our spa business includes a wide range of products and services tailored to the wellness of the community.

It lies within our core values to provide the market with prestigious professional grade beauty and wellness brands that meet the highest standards of quality and offer the best functionality.


Refurbished or reconditioned equipment allow us to get equipment at a fraction of the cost with virtually the same peak working condition as new equipment.

Unlike used equipment, which is generally just cleaned up and sold, refurbished equipment involves taking existing equipment and revamping it to offset the effects of the wear and tear it has endured from years of service. This allows consumers to access quality brands because of lowered prices.

Our wellness brand... Blue

See how Al Hayat Investments Co. has taken Blue to market, providing the complete solution for Spas & Health Centers; from consultation & design to execution, service & maintenance.